JCI Surunga 15th Installation Ceremony

Date: January 28, 2024

Venue: Jaycees Hall, Kanakai-3

Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

JCI Surunga celebrated its 15th Installation Ceremony on January 28th, 2024, with JC Susma Neupane, the immediate past president of JCI Surunga 2023, presiding over the event.

The distinguished Chief Guest, JC Bhim Kunwar (Raju), National Executive Vice President assigned to Area-A, officially inaugurated the ceremony by lighting a symbolic lamp. Held at Jaycees Hall, Kanakai-3, the event commenced at 5:00 PM and spanned two engaging hours.

The ceremony witnessed the esteemed presence of past presidents, as well as both past and current members of JCI Surunga. In a heartfelt ceremony, the past presidents group gracefully handed over the leadership chain to the newly elected president, JC Durga Prasad Pathak (Raju). The oath ceremony was a pivotal moment, with JC Susma Neupane administering the oath to the new president, who, in turn, pledged to his Board of Directors.

The event's dynamic hosting featured JC Kishor Dahal, the 2023 Executive Vice President and event coordinator, delivering a warm welcome speech. The JCI mission and vision were passionately recited by JC Rishav Singh Chahar, the 2022 Executive Vice President, while JC Menuka Uprety, the 2023 Treasurer, recited the JCI Creed.

Best wishes for the upcoming year resonated through the speech of JC Kamal Kattel, the 2019 President of JCI Surunga and JC Kumar Mani Pokhrel , the 2010 President of JCI Surunga.

The success of the event was evident as the Chief Guest and attendees congratulated the newly appointed Board of Directors, expressing anticipation for the promising year ahead.

2024 Board of Directors:

- President: JC Durga Prasad Pathak (Raju)

- Immediate Past President (IPP): JC Prabin Timsina

- Executive Vice Presidents: JC Puspa Dhakal, JC Bibek Siwakoti

- General Legal Councilor (GLC): JC Dipendra Pradhan Sudi

- Secretary General: JC Rishav Singh Chahar

- Treasurer: JC Sapana Giri

- Secretary: JC Nirmala Khadka

- Vice Presidents: JC Dilli Rijal, JC Biman Lama, JC Kamal Neupane, JC Sujata Sitaula Oli

- Training Director: JC Menuka Uprety

- P.R.O.: JC Sarita Guragain

- Jaycees Week Coordinator: JC Kishor Dahal

- Environment Coordinator: JC Ramesh Ghimire

- Organization Coordinator: JC Rohit Koirala

- Women Coordinator: JC Bharati Kumari Shah

- Communication Coordinator: JC Jenish Chamlagain

- Theme Director: JC Purna Shrestha

- Cultural Coordinator: JC Shusmita Bastola Dahal

- Business Coordinator: JC Mukta Karki

- Sports Coordinator: JC Ayush Kafle

Advisors to President:

- JC Somnath Uprety

- JC Jabin Timsina

- JC L.P. Uprety

Chief Advisor to President:

- JC Kumar Mani Pokhrel

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