JCI Surunga Co-hosts JCI Nepal's LOTS


Date: February 17, 2024

Event Overview:

On February 17, 2024, JCI Surunga participated in the JCI Nepal Local Officers' Training Seminar (LOTS) along with 12 other LOMs from Area-A, hosted by JCI Dhulabari. The event took place at the Pashang Lhamu Smriti Jaycees Pratisthan (Townhall) in Mechinagar-10, Dhulabari, Jhapa, starting at 12 noon and lasting for approximately three and a half hours. The event aimed to enlighten participants about JCI and the roles, duties, and responsibilities associated with various posts within the organization.

Key Figures:

- Chief Guest:JC Bhim Bahadur Kunwar, National Executive Vice President, Assigned to Area-A.

- Chief Trainer:JCI Sen. Ananta Prakash Wasti

- Trainer: JC Pradip Bista, Reigning Area-A Training Coordinator.

- Event Coordinator:JC Sulav Bhandari, Training Director of JCI Dhulabari.

- Presenter of JCI Creed and Mission Vision: JC Sachet Ghimire, Joint Secretary of JCI Dhulabari.

- Speech on behalf of all cohosts: JC Meanu Oli Lohani, President of JCI Birata Lady.

- Event Host: Secretary General of JCI Dhulabari, JC Shisir Pokhrel.

- Number of participants: 50+

- Official Adjournment: JC Manjil Rasaily, President of JCI Dhulabari.

JCI Surunga Participants:

- Secretary General: JC Rishav Singh Chahar

- Treasurer: JC Sapana Giri

- Training Director: JC Menuka Uprety

- Member: JC Pratapbabu Jamrakattel

Event Highlights:

- Official inauguration included the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest and other dignitaries.

- Welcome speech delivered by the event coordinator, JC Sulav Bhandari.

- Presentation on JCI Creed and Mission Vision by JC Sachet Ghimire.

- Speech representing all co-hosts by JC Meanu Oli Lohani, President of JCI Birata Lady.

- Event  host (emcee)  by Secretary General of JCI Dhulabari, JC Shisir Pokhrel.

- First session led by JCI Sen. Ananta Wasti, followed by the second session led by JC Pradip Bista.

- The event successfully achieved its objective of enlightening participants about JCI and its organizational structure.


JCI Surunga's participation in the JCI Nepal LOTS event provided valuable insights into JCI's mission and the roles within the organization. With active participation from its members, JCI Surunga contributed to the success of the event, which saw the participation of multiple chapters and provided a platform for learning and collaboration. The event's official adjournment by JC Manjil Rasaily marked the successful conclusion of a day filled with informative sessions and fruitful discussions.

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