Ø Feb 17, 2024

The training program was organized by Thankot Jaycees for the better improvement of the LOM officers & members. This training gave the opportunity to the members of Thankot Jaycees to know more about JCI, its’ history and how Thankot Jaycees came into existence. Whereas LOM officers training helped LOM officers know their duties and responsibilities.  The program was chaired by President of JCI Thankot 2024 JC Sawan Maharjan whereas the chief trainer was JC Yogi Raj Adhikari, NVP of JCI Nepal 2022. The program was attended by Thankot Jaycees Board members, members & Thankot Junior Jaycees with the total participants of 20 people. The training was very fruitful for the Thankot Jaycees & Thankot Junior Jaycees.

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