Holi Dhamaka: A Colorful Reunion of JCI Surunga's Family


On the auspicious day of March 25th, 2024, JCI Surunga revived the spirit of togetherness and joy with its exclusive Holi event titled "Holi Dhamaka" held at the Jaycees Hall. The event was a resounding success, celebrating the vibrant festival of colors within the close-knit family of JCI Surunga.

Coordinated  the Cultural Coordinator, JC Sushmita Bastola Dahal, the event radiated enthusiasm and unity. Esteemed personalities like past president and Chief Advisor to President, JC Kumar Mani Pokhrel and past president, JC Kamal Kattel graced the occasion, adding depth and experience to the festivities.

The presence of Mr. Ghanshyam Baral, the generous land donor and chief guest, added a touch of honor to the event. Starting promptly at 8 am and lasting for two hours, the event was flawlessly conducted by the Secretary General, JC Rishav Singh Chahar and embellished with the recitation of the JCI Creed by Training Director JC Menuka Uprety.

The program coordinator's welcome remarks and detailed event briefings set the stage for a memorable gathering. Heartfelt best wishes speeches from past presidents further enriched the event, symbolizing the strong bonds and shared history within the JCI Surunga family.

With 30 enthusiastic participants, the event seamlessly transitioned from formalities to joyous dances and colorful exchanges, symbolizing the essence of Holi, spreading happiness and fostering camaraderie. This long-awaited and meticulously organized celebration marked a significant milestone as it centered solely on JCI Surunga's family, echoing the organization's core values and commitment to tradition and unity.

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