Holi Milan Program 2024


          Name of program: Holi Milan Program

          Date:  25th March 2024

          Venue: Damak Jaycees Community Training Hall, Damak-08, Jhapa

         Presiding officer:  JC Ram Chandra Adhikari

          Purpose: To connect Jaycees Members, Local Community, Key Influencers, Political Leaders, Other Organizations and stakeholders in the event of Faagu Purnima with the intent to raise fund for Training Hall Construction

          No. of Participant: 150+

          Chief Guest: Deputy Mayor (Damak Municipality), Regina Bhattarai Prasai, Past President, JCI Damak

         Guest Detail:

·         Distinguished Guest:

o   Dipesh Dahal, Ward Chairperson, Damak-08

o   Gopal Guragain, President Damak Chamber of Commerce and Industry

·         Special Guest:

o   JCI Sen. Prakash Prasad Adhikari, Past National President JCI Nepal

o   Suyog Kharel, National Training Commissioner of JCI Nepal

o   JC Ganja Bahadur Dahal, President, BOT

o   JCI Damak Past Presidents

         Time duration: From 8 a.m. Onwards

         Target population/group: Jaycees Members, Local Community, Key Influencers, Political Leaders, Local Government

         Area of opportunity: Individual, Community

         SDG: Sustainable goal no., category

         JCI strategic framework

         Connect: JCI Past Presidents, JCI Members, Prospective JC Members, Local Community, Key Influencers, Political Leaders, Local Government, Other Organizations


o   Damak Chamber Of Commerce and Industry

o   Saathibhai Samuha

o   Other Orgainzations in Damak

·         Sponsor: n/a


o   Fund: JCI Damak 2024

o   Human Resource: JCI Damak 2024 Board Members, Volunteers from JCI Damak Members, Observe Members

o   Idea: Regular Program

o   Necessary equipment: Banner, Colors, Color Fogs, Audio Equipment, Sweets and other edibles, Token of Love, etc.

o   Others: Printing and Press Expenses

         Motivate: JCI Past Presidents, JCI Members, Prospective JC Members, Local Community, Key Influencers, Political Leaders, Local Government, Other Organizations

         Impact: It was a fun and color filled holi. The participants were made aware about the Damak Jaycees Community Hall Construction. Fund Raising and Commitment for Help were garnered.

         Program coordinator: JC Rubal Adhikari, Treasurer, 2024 JCI DAMAK

          Master of ceremony: Secretary General of Year 2024

         Picture: (2-4) (best action photos)


         Participation by LOM:

o   JCI Past Presidents

o   JCI Damak Board 2024

o   JCI Members

o   JCI Damak Observe Members

o   Local Government Staffs

o   Local Political Leaders

o   Prospective JC Members

o   Community People

o   Youths

         LOM - JCI DAMAK

          Participant- 150+ Persons

         Reporting Date: - 26th March, 2024

The Holi Milan Program held on March 25th, 2024, at the Damak Jaycees Community Training Hall in Jhapa was a resounding success, bringing together over 150 participants from various sectors of society. Under the leadership of JC Ram Chandra Adhikari, the event aimed to foster connections among Jaycees members, the local community, key influencers, political leaders, and other stakeholders, all while raising funds for the construction of the Training Hall.

With Deputy Mayor Regina Bhattarai Prasai as the Chief Guest, alongside distinguished guests such as Ward Chairperson Dipesh Dahal and President of Damak Chamber of Commerce and Industry Gopal Guragain, the program saw a convergence of leadership and community engagement. Special guests including JCI Sen. Prakash Prasad Adhikari and National Training Commissioner Suyog Kharel added further significance to the occasion.

The event, spanning the entire day, provided ample opportunity for networking, collaboration, and community building. It aligned with Sustainable Development Goals and the strategic framework of JCI, emphasizing connection and collaboration among various stakeholders. The participation of local organizations like the Damak Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Saathibhai Samuha highlighted the spirit of collaboration and shared responsibility.

Under the coordination of JC Rubal Adhikari and with dynamic hosting by the Secretary General, the program showcased the enthusiasm and dedication of JCI Damak towards its goals. Through various activities and engagements, attendees were not only entertained but also informed about the importance of the Community Training Hall construction project. The impact of the program was evident as funds were raised and commitments for support were garnered from the participants.

The active participation of JCI Past Presidents, current board members, members, prospective JC members, local government officials, political leaders, and community members underscored the inclusive nature of the event. With colorful festivities and meaningful discussions, the Holi Milan Program exemplified the spirit of unity, collaboration, and community development.


•             Sign and Stamp of LOM:                                              Sahadev Bhattarai

                                                                                                                       (Secretary General, JCI Damak2024)

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