Multichapter Holi Program Hosted by JCI Manohara and 13 Other Chapters of Area C


Multichapter Holi Program Hosted by JCI Manohara and 13 Other Chapters of Area C

Happy Holi! Let Colors Fill Your Life with Joy and Harmony!

Date: 24th March 2024 (2080/11/11) sunday

Time: 12:30 PM onwards

Venue: Joseph High School, Kapan

 Hosted by: JCI Manohara and 13 Other Chapters of Area C Supported by: Joseph High School

Performed by: National Artists Srijana Khatri, Saroj Lamichane, Sima Bhandari


JCI Manohara, in collaboration with 13 other chapters of Area C, organized a vibrant Multichapter Holi Program at Joseph High School, Kapan, on the auspicious occasion of Holi. The event aimed to celebrate the spirit of unity, joy, and diversity through colorful festivities.

 Key Highlights:

 • Colorful Celebrations:

• The program featured a kaleidoscope of colors as participants came together to enjoy the traditional festival of Holi.

• Attendees immersed themselves in the joyous atmosphere, exchanging greetings, and spreading happiness.

 • Cultural Performances:

• Renowned National Artists, including Srijana Khatri, Saroj Lamichane, and Sima Bhandari, mesmerized the audience with their captivating performances.

• Traditional music, dance, and folk songs added to the festive ambiance, bringing communities closer through cultural exchange.

 • Unity and Collaboration:

 • The multichapter collaboration demonstrated the unity and solidarity among JCI chapters in Area C, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support.

• Participants from different chapters came together to celebrate diversity and strengthen bonds within the JCI community.

• Support from Joseph High School:

• Joseph High School graciously supported the event, providing the venue for the festivities and contributing to the success of the program.

• The collaboration with the school exemplifies the positive impact of partnerships between JCI and educational institutions in promoting community engagement.

The Multichapter Holi Program hosted by JCI Manohara and 13 other chapters of Area C was a delightful celebration of colors, culture, and community spirit. The event symbolizes the spirit of unity, joy, and cultural harmony embraced by the JCI community during the festive season. Through such collaborative endeavors, we continue to spread happiness and foster meaningful connections within our diverse society.

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