Training Session on Road Behavior by JCI Manohara


Name of Program: Training Session on Road Behavior

 Date: 29th March 2024, Friday (2080, Falgun 16)  

Venue: V. S. International College, Minbhawan

Presiding Officer: JC Asmita Bohara

Purpose: The purpose of the training session is to raise awareness and provide practical knowledge oncritical topic: road behavior. The session aims to equip participants, particularly youth and community members, with essential skills to navigate safely on the roads, promoting individual and community safety.

 Number of Participants: 50+

Target Population/Group: Youth, JCI Members, Local Community Area of Opportunity:The training session offers an opportunity for participants to enhance their understanding and practices related to road behavior. By addressing these areas, individuals can contribute to creating a safer environment for themselves and their communities, aligning with broader goals of promoting well-being and sustainable development.

In Collaboration with/Co-organizers:

• Leo Club of Kathmandu Manasalu

• Leo Club of Kathmandu Manasalu

• Rotract Club of Baneshwor Royal

• Rotaract Club of Baneshwor Royal


Chief Trainer: Govind Pant SI Police Traffic Police Office, Koteshwor

 "Good road behavior is not just about following rules; it's about respecting others, being mindful, and prioritizing safety for everyone on the journey."

 JCI Manohara, in collaboration with Leo Club of Kathmandu Manasalu and Rotract Club of Baneshwor Royal, organized a comprehensive Training Session on Road Behavior. Held at V. S. International College, Minbhawan, on the 29th of March 2024, the session aimed to equip participants with essential knowledge and skills for promoting responsible behavior on the roads.

 Key Highlights:

• Road Behavior Education:

 • The session included interactive discussions and presentations on responsible road behavior, traffic rules, and the importance of road safety.

• Practical tips and guidelines were shared to promote courteous driving, pedestrian safety, and adherence to traffic regulations.

• Community Engagement:

• The training session fostered community engagement by bringing together youth, JCI members, and local residents to collectively address road safety challenges.

 • Participants had the opportunity to share experiences, raise concerns, and collaborate on initiatives to promote safer road environments.


The Training Session on Road Behavior was a valuable initiative aimed at raising awareness and promoting responsible behavior among participants. By addressing critical issues related to road safety, we contribute to building a safer and more resilient society.The collaborative effort reflects our commitment to empowering individuals and communities with knowledge and skills for a safer and more secure future.

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