JCI Arjundhara conducted LOM Officers' Training


16 March, Arjundhara: JCI Arjundhara organized LOM Officers' Training to its member on 16th March 2019 at Jaycees Bhawan located in Arjundhara Municipality Jhapa. The objective of the training was to build the capacity of board members, coordinators and general member of the JCI Arjundhara. All together 30 individuals including board members, coordinators, respected persons from Arjundhara area participated in the training.

The content of the training were: Introduction to Jaycees and responsibility of an individual as a JCI member, leadership skill to be a JCI member, importance of effective communication for a leader, and motivation session to be an active citizen. The training event was chaired by President Jc Tikaram Gautam. The Chief Trainer was Founder President of JCI Arjundhara Jc Indibar Singh Khadka. The training was facilitator by JCI Arjundhara past President Jc Dipin Rai, Shadrul Hang Oli and Founder Secretary General Jc Kumar Bhattarai. Program was coordinated by Jc Dipak Bhandari, the ceremony was hosted by Secretary General Jc Bhaskar Bhattarai. General Legal Counselor Jc Rajan Sampang Rai welcomed the guest and the participants of the event. Similarly, Jc Bimala Bhattarai read the Jaycees creed, and year 2017 President Jc Praladh Dhungana delivered the brief description and importance of the event. The training event was observed by JCI Nepal Area A Theme Coordinator-2019 Jc Ajay Kumar Dev.

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