Ø 21st January, 2024

24th installation and award distribution program of JCI Thankot was conducted on 21st Jan. The chairman of the program was president of JCI Thankot 2023, JC Alina Maharjan whereas chief guest of the program was Mayor Mr. Ghana Shyam Giri, special guest was spokesperson of Chandragiri Municipality and Ward Chairperson of Chandragiri Municipality Ward no 4 Chairman Mr. Krishna Prasad Khadgi and Ward Chairperson of different Ward Chairperson of Chandragiri Municipality. The guest of honor included assigned EVP for Area ‘C’ JC Rajaram Gautam, assigned VP for JCI Thankot, JC Ayush Upreti, President of Mother Chapter “JCI Kathmandu 2024”, JC Anjila Khadka, Founder president of JCI Thankot JCI Senator Nanda Das Amatya and we had a very special guest actor/producer Mr. Dipak Raj Giri.

President of JCI Thankot 2023 distributed to the token of love to the colleagues’ presidents of Area C JCI chapter presidents, past presidents and gave award to the Best New Member of 2023 to JC Tara Maharjan, Best Board Member Award to JC Rahul Gopali also gave token of love to the Chief guest, Special Guest, Guests, Board Members, Past Presidents, Junior Jaycees.

Thankot Jaycees year 2023 President JC Alina Maharjan handed over President chain to elected President of JCI Thankot 2024 JC Sawan Maharjan likewise Thankot Junior Jaycees year 2023 President Jr. JC Rohini Gole handed over chain to elected President of Thankot Junior Jaycees 2024 Jr. JC Angel Shahi. JCI Thankot 2024 President and JCI Thankot Junior Jaycees 2024 President took the oath.


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